On song? Why it’s so hard to call the tune from opposition

Language can be used to welcome voters into policy discussion. Or it can slam the door in the face of electors, bolt it with jargon and camouflage the entrance with boringness. It is no surprise that politicians, whose job it is to jam incredibly complex policy areas into a partisan framework, prefer the Tomb Raider approach. Instead […]

5 ways to protect your brand when the next tech giant flicks the switch

Facebook’s fight against the news media bargaining code is finally over. After a week since publishers and users in Australia were stopped from sharing or viewing news articles on the platform, the tech giant has lifted the news ban and restored all blocked pages. If your brand or organisation got caught or you’re looking for […]

Counteracting the COVID-19 anti-vaxxer infodemic on social media

Tackling vaccine hesitancy is one of the most urgent priorities in the fight against COVID-19. Understanding and managing the anti-vaxxer movement on social media is now critical to support the upcoming immunisation program. Public health authorities in Australia and around the globe are increasingly concerned by how quickly the anti-vaccination movement is growing, and how […]

If the ABC didn’t exist, conservatives would have to invent it

  Originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald   If the ABC didn’t exist, conservatives would have to invent it. It provides two vital functions to the right side of politics: it is the foe which unites the army, as well as a decoy which distracts progressives from the main game. The ABC once again […]

The secret to winning over conservatives on climate action

  Originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald   Regardless of whether you believe it is soon enough, visionary enough or fast enough, it looks like Australia will now follow through with the attempt to reduce emissions and replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. But public acceptance of this process is fragile and, as we […]

Now isn’t the moment for utopias

  The COVID-19 pandemic is a wet market for central planners. But road maps for exiting the crisis are meaningless when there are no perfect or final answers.   Originally published in The Australian Financial Review   Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman famously said, “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers […]

Lockdowns will kill people too

  There is a tipping point at which suicide, alcoholism, and domestic violence becomes too high a price in an all-out fight against COVID-19.   Originally published in The Australian Financial Review   When Greta Thunburg told us “I want you to panic”, she wouldn’t have imagined that on the anniversary of her Davos appearance […]