How Agenda C found a way to tell a story that was once lost

For centuries apprenticeships and traineeships were the main way in which young people learned a profession, gaining on-the-job experience and instruction while earning a small wage. But in recent decades, emphasis shifted to keeping kids in school longer, while policy makers came to consider the numbers of young people choosing to study at university as […]

Communicating the sources of gender bias in AI

  Artificial Intelligence algorithms for recruitment are learning bias from humans who don’t even realise they are discriminating. Agenda C is proud to have worked with UniBank and The University of Melbourne to develop a research question that would add to the academic understanding of the sources of gender bias in AI and on a […]

New agency combines cutting edge digital marketing with deep strategic expertise to gain traction for brands and organisations in a crowded market

Making the complex clear and campaignable. New campaigns and communications agency Agenda C will combine policy nous with fully integrated communications services to deliver campaigns that create conversations, shift perceptions, and make money for brands. Agenda C is led by columnist, multi-disciplinary strategist, and founding director of Thought Broker Parnell Palme McGuinness, together with digital […]