7 tips for the next CEO to prevent a crisis

Create a multi-media information strategy Create channels across all social media Develop templates for social media that can be populated and rolled out quickly Develop a tone of voice for critical communications Develop community management protocols to respond to incoming messages Have your comms team war game scenarios Have a matrix of messages ready from […]

Can You Hear Me Now? Why Good Communication is the Antidote to Crisis

We finish this year with a deep sense of dread permeating corporate Australia. There is speculation in the boardrooms of companies of all sizes about what the departure of Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, the twice embattled CEO of Optus, means for everyone in governance and senior management. To many who can vividly imagine themselves in her […]

5 ways to protect your brand when the next tech giant flicks the switch

Facebook’s fight against the news media bargaining code is finally over. After a week since publishers and users in Australia were stopped from sharing or viewing news articles on the platform, the tech giant has lifted the news ban and restored all blocked pages. If your brand or organisation got caught or you’re looking for […]

Counteracting the COVID-19 anti-vaxxer infodemic on social media

Tackling vaccine hesitancy is one of the most urgent priorities in the fight against COVID-19. Understanding and managing the anti-vaxxer movement on social media is now critical to support the upcoming immunisation program. Public health authorities in Australia and around the globe are increasingly concerned by how quickly the anti-vaccination movement is growing, and how […]

New agency combines cutting edge digital marketing with deep strategic expertise to gain traction for brands and organisations in a crowded market

Making the complex clear and campaignable. New campaigns and communications agency Agenda C will combine policy nous with fully integrated communications services to deliver campaigns that create conversations, shift perceptions, and make money for brands. Agenda C is led by columnist, multi-disciplinary strategist, and founding director of Thought Broker Parnell Palme McGuinness, together with digital […]