We develop targeted, traditional and digital campaigns to create maximum impact for clients with a wide range of challenges. Our clients appreciate our unique and creative approach to solving problems and securing great results, as well as the wide network of connections we offer to help them get their message heard.

We will help energise your audiences by crafting engaging stories delivered through integrated campaigns, powered by strategic and digital expertise.

Each day, our opinions and attitudes are formed through exposure to many different information sources. Agenda C campaigns create purpose-driven interactions and conversations, serve up facts, and orchestrate moments and insights so that your messages are salient when the public is making up its mind.   Agenda C utilises our campaign specialists to craft integrated strategies to persuade and motivate behaviours in your target audience.

What’s even better than telling your story yourself? Having someone else tell a story about you! We understand what makes you interesting to the media and work with it to make you interesting to the world.

The best time to manage a crisis is before it has become a crisis. The next best time is right now. Agenda C assesses, plans, acts and measures to steer you through tough times. Our experienced traditional and digital media teams work together to take control of the narrative so you’re back in control.

Intrigue is at the heart of storytelling. Understand who your audience is and what will pique their interest to keep them engaged while you unfurl your narrative. That’s the power of story appeal. We turn content storytelling into social media and digital media advertising campaigns that get you the results you want with your audience.

A strategy is only a notion until creative gives it form. Our creative solutions bring your campaign to life, invent new ways to deliver your messages, and ensure your audience stays engaged.

Take it right up the hill. We partner with Australia’s best government relations experts to represent your business to government and support your state and federal policy goals.